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Have You Ever Yearned Another

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Have you ever yearned another
yet the lover had no care
has a tear escaped your eye
yet no more would even dare

does your heart melt melt with a glance
as you offer up a prayer
when you look into their heart
does you heart yearn to be there

have you wanted them so badly
that your heart would start to bleed
have you tried to say I love you
yet a voice would not proceed

don't lend your heart to love dear friend
let your tears fall like the rain
a healing heart will break again
and sadness will remain

you'll ponder thoughts of real love
and wonder if there're true
pity takes no place in life
upon a heart so blue

grand is love yet merciless
the price to pay is high
a choice to take of love or death
my heart would rather die

never lend your heart to love
you'll find my words are true
don't doubt me friend for I should know
I fell in love with you

Jen Amaya